A look back at 2021

The following list was assembled by Janesville Lions Club Secretary Mark Schroeder as a year-end review for our club members. It has been slightly adapted for our website.

Despite pandemic, we had a very successful year

In light of the significant challenges which we have faced as a service organization in this past year, it is important for us to recognize how much we have accomplished for our community and others.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of those accomplishments.

1. The Rose Sale was reinstituted with great success, providing many persons with the joy of receiving flowers as well as an approximate net profit to the club of $14,000.

2. The Chicken Roast was reinstituted also with great success providing those in attendance with the best roast chicken in town as well as an approximate net profit to the club of $6,300.

3. The club commissioned the construction of a large picnic pavilion at Lions Beach to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our club. The construction of the pavilion was approved by the city council and fundraising was commenced resulting in funds and pledges received to date totaling approximately $41,000.

4. The club reinstituted its service of driving members of Blackhawk Pioneers to their monthly meetings.

5. The club awarded college scholarships to four students in the amount of $1,000 each.

6. In connection with the mission of our club to provide help to the site impaired, the club did the following:

7. Participated in the ECHO school supply drive.

8.  Participated in the United Way Day of Caring at Lions Beach.

9. Changed the official name of the club to Janesville Lions Club to broaden our appeal to prospective members.

10. Provided funds for the construction of the observation deck at the Janesville Schools Outdoor Lab (JSOL).

11. Participated in the Rock County Salvation Army bell-ringing campaign to help generate funds for the use of those most in need in our community.

12. Participated in the City of Janesville Recreation Division’s Santa Claus Calls program to bring joy and excitement to the youth of the community.


Working together, our club and its members have helped to make this community and surrounding area a better place. Let us continue to be an example of the motto “WE SERVE” in 2022!

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