Donations made in 2014-15 to Lions-related causes

  1. $500: Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin
  2. $1,000: Lions Club International Foundation/Melvin Jones Fellowship
  3. $1,000: Wisconsin Lions Birch-Sturm Memorial Fund 
  4. $300: Leader Dogs for the Blind
  5. $100: Lions International Youth Camp & Exchange Program

Achievements and accomplishments by the Janesville Lions Club during its 2014-15 program year

  1. Developed annual club calendar; included it on club website.
  2. Developed a “Stuff the Bus” program.
  3. Increased scholarship amount to $4,000 from $2,000 annually.
  4. Investigated partnership with Parks Department on “Santa Claus Calls.”
  5. Participated in the Rock County Senior Fair.
  6. Increased presence in Janesville community and in Lions newsletter through the use of pictures and articles.
  7. Added visit to the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired to club’s service projects.
  8. Made improvements to Lions Beach:
    1. Cleaned building’s exterior.
    2. Cleaned up and redid the planting area in front of building.
    3. Added sand to the beach area.
    4. Added strobe lights to scare away geese.
    5. Painted trim and panels.
    6. Removed huge tree limb.
    7. Old signage painted and repositioned.
  9. Hosted the Janesville Joint Service Club Meeting.
  10. Presented six “Knight of Sight” awards.
  11. Became members of the Friends of Riverside Park.
  12. Donated $3,000 toward efforts to purchase a sign for Traxler Park to inform public of upcoming events.

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