Eye Tissue Transport

We’re part of the statewide ‘Cornea Express’

The Janesville Lions Club is one of hundred of Wisconsin Lions Clubs that serves as transporters for the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin (LEBW).

Transporters of LEBW transport boxes of eye tissue from various pickup and drop-off locations. This system has been coined “The Cornea Express” because transporters relay boxes of tissue from different pickup/drop-off locations to the LEBW office in Madison, or outbound to surgical centers.

Lions transport both incoming tissue (tissue headed to LEBW) and outgoing tissue (tissue being sent from LEBW to surgery centers, ready for transplant).

This is one of our longest-running service projects, and one of which we are very proud. Every Lion who has transported tissue at least once can tell you it is an emotional and rewarding experience to know that you’re helping someone retain the precious gift of sight.

To learn more about this program, view the LEBW Transporter Toolkit.

2024 Transport Schedule

Our club is scheduled to be on-call for tissue transport during the following months. Those marked with a * are months we serve as the backup club in the event the primary club is unavailable.

  • January
  • February*
  • May
  • June*
  • September
  • October*

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